Wednesday, February 22, 2017

You are a professional

I just like coffee...

  • Professionals proofread their words before they print, email, message, or post them.
  • Professionals don’t use high falutin vocabulary to sound smart.
  • Professionals spell check and grammar check their work.
  • Professionals use 5+ sentence paragraphs:
    • Main idea
    • Detail #1
    • Detail #2
    • Detail #3
    • Conclusion
  • Professionals have an eye forward. They are preparing for their futures in higher education, the workforce, as engaged citizens, or all of those roles.
  • Professionals practice the highest level of etiquette at all times both offline, online, and inworld. They are courteous, deferential, and encouraging to others.
  • Professionals collaborate with colleagues on a global scale. They are at home with synchronous as well as asynchronous communications.

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