Friday, September 9, 2016

"The Curio" by Eleseren Brianna at Serena Imagine Arts CTR

You are invited for the opening Saturday September 10th, 1pm SLT

Eleseren Brianna is a new artist in SL, though she has exhibited in Inworldz with the Dreamz and Visionz groups during 2012 and 2013. She is primarily a model and designer in SL, and is just beginning to branch out to photographic art, though still with a fashion focus.

She is also the editor and curator of The Edge and COO for Kultivate Magazine.

In real life, she trained as an illustrator, earning a B.A. with honors in illustration from Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts.  She also  trained as a couture designer dressmaker and ran her own bridalwear business for several years. Eleseren is a trained art therapist.

SL Shows 

- Windlight Fellow Winter Showcase Jan/Feb 2016
- Ville de Coeur Winter Photo competition Jan 2016 (5th place prize)
- Galleria Kakku - Feb 2016 onwards
- Burn2 Equinox - April 2016
- The Living Room - April 2016
- Windlight Spring Show
- Holly Kai Park - April 2016

- Art in the Park - May 2016 
- Chelsea Hotel - June 2016
- Raglanshire Art Walk - June 2016
- Kultivate Summer Art Festival - August 2016 (2D and 3D)
Bradley University's CVL Fall 2016 Art Show - curated by Valibrarian Gregg 
- Sept 2016
The Curio Exhibition at Serena Arts Center - 10-30 Sept 2016
2D, 3D and written word 


Burn2 - October - The Glockenspiel 3D Fashion/Art Fusion Exhibition

Home Gallery - Epic Chromatic at Windlight

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