Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bookmarks of Note (weekly)

    • Relationships First
    • What About the Rules? A Lesson Plan for Building Trust First
    • Connecting with Families Through Learning Walks
    • Building Trust Through Service Tasks
    • Relationships Through Real Talk
    • Restoring Human Connections Amidst Conflict
    • Do Students Care? Toward a Humanized Education
    • "problem isn’t which device (pencil, laptop, phone, quill) they use to take those notes, but how to take them and how to use them to learn."
    • top-seven stress reducers.
    • Exercise.
    • Sleep.
    • Connection.
    • Learning.
    • Art.
    • Movies.
    • Gratitude.
  • Michael Hyatt's 8 steps to escape the overwhelm: The first secret is accept responsibility. The second secret is to confront your fears The third secret is to reduce the drama. The fourth secret is keep it in perspective. The fifth secret is triage your calendar. The sixth is do the next most important task. The seventh is get sufficient rest. The final secret is decide to change.

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