Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bookmarks of Note (weekly)

    • Are You Innovative?
    • Can You Relate to Others?
    • Will You Make This a Better Place?
    • 10. Turn an Old Mobile Device into a Dedicated VOIP Handset
    • 9. Create a Wireless Internet Radio from an Old Router
    • 8. Create a Home Security System with a Webcam
    • 7. Use an Old PC Fan to Create a Battery-Charging Wind Turbine
    • 6. Turn an Old Projector into a Book Scanner
    • 5. Make a Touchscreen Tablet Out of an Old Netbook
    • 4. Build a Cellphone-Powered Robot
    • 3. Turn an Old Computer into an XBMC Home Theater PC
    • 2. Automate Your Home with an Old Router
    • 1. Turn an Old Computer Into an Internet PVR, Downloader, and NAS
    • 1. They create their own luck.  
    • 2. They focus on results.
    • 3. They think about how they can help everyone they meet.
    • 4. They trade short term gratification for long term payoff. 
    • 5. They never mistake being busy for being productive. 
    • 6. They create their own reality.
    • 7. They never do what they feel like doing - they do what needs to be done.
    • 8. They never, ever complain.
    • 9. They don't worry about failing, and focus on doing.
    • 10. They take care of their health. Sleep, exercise, meditate.  
    • 11. They listen actively. 
    • 12. They love what they do. 
    • 13. They believe in themselves.
    • Balance is not the same as rest.
    • Balance is dynamic.
    • Balance is intentional.

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