Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bookmarks of Note (weekly)

    • 1. Make time
    • 2. Do the things that push your potential to be everything you can be
    • 3. Live by these words: “It’s better to try and fail than fail at trying”
    • 4. Listen to your “shoulds”
    • 5. Use unhappiness as a mentor and guide
    • 6. Act on your impulses more often
    • 7. Find the silver lining to bad decisions
    • 8. Spend more time on love and relationships
    • 1. Identify the 3 biggest stressors you had last school year, and plan ways to streamline or simplify.
    • 2. Sketch out your new classroom arrangement.
    • 3. Outline all of your routines and procedures (and when/how you’ll teach them.)
    • 4. Write lessons plans for EVERYTHING you’ll teach during the first week of school.
    • 5. Organize your digital files and teaching resources.
    • 6. Map out a pacing guide for the year.
    • 7. List the skills/standards you need more activities for, search them out online, then plug them into your pacing guide.
    • 8. Watch the free live master class to learn how you can make time for everything that matters to you this summer.

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