Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Follow your nudge

The Nudge Imperative | Natalie Nixon | TEDxGeorgeSchool

I had the privilege to attend this Quaker boarding school and although we never had a TED Talk or computers, we did have intellectually stirring assemblies every week, required Senior Projects in which we all followed our nudges, and a constant stretching of our creative habits.

Natalie explains in this video her sense of chaortic creativity.  The idea of emergent leadership, which is wrapped up in this chaortic creativity, includes

  • recognizing patterns

  • reduction of regrets

  • the blessings of unexpected rewards

  • a crystal clear clarity

  • Developing one's intuitive core includes those skills/strategies that were practised and emphaised when I was a student at George School:
    • Stillness  
    • Observation
    • Curiosity
    • Learning
    These skills/strategies Natalie tells us, lead to
    • discernement
    • acting on one's principles
    • speaking up
    • stamina
    Natalie goes on to hope this intuitive core is what is being cultivated in young people. I can assure you, it was cultivated in my classes at George School. I took a friend to one of my reunions, and she was amazed as she looked around the room. She commented that looking at my classmates was like looking at a copy of Who's Who in America. I had to laugh, because of course, my classmates are just Fred, Sally, and John to me.

    To learn more about Natalie's ideas, delve into her publications, connect with her on LinkedIn, or on Twitter.

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