Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bookmarks of Note (weekly)

    • Device of Change #1: Innovation is Done by Innovative People.
    • Device of Change #2: Never Accept Wasted Time.
    • Device of Change #3: Empowered People Have the Power to Make Change Happen.
    • Device of Change #4: Invest in technology and people.
    • Device of Change #5: Invest in Relationships
    • Device of Change #6: Invest in Yourself
    • Device of Change #7: Decide to Be the Device
    • So, according to Greene, an  interview is an opportunity to imagine the realities and experiences of another person
    • An interview is therefore above all about listening very carefully, and responding to three things – what’s said, what’s not said and the silences.
    • It takes practice.

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