Tuesday, March 31, 2015

researchED New York May 2, 2015

Date: 02 May 2015
Location: Riverdale Country School, New York, NY 10471
Organiser: researchED International

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The UK's teacher conference success story of 2014 comes to the USA in a unique day for teachers, academics, and anyone interested in finding out what the latest research really says about how to improve classrooms and schools.
For teachers: a day of self-led professional development, listening to some of the America's and the UK's most prominent thought leaders, academics and educators; and a chance to speak and meet with professionals of all levels about the classroom issues that face you.
For schools: a way to promote staff development, and a unique opportunity to promote excellence in learning through careful, cautious use of the best of educational research.
For academics and researchers: a chance to listen to practioner experiences of research in the field, to meet others engaged in research, and to bring your research to a wider community of practioners.
Confirmed speakers so far include...

  • Pearl Rock Kane, Columbia University
  • Professor Daniel Willingham, University of Virgina
  • Valerie Lewis, Head Teacher
  • Angela Logan Smith, Principal, Goldie Maple Academy
  • Benedict Carey, The New York Times
  • Denise Galluci, GEMS Education New York
  • Dominic Randolph, Principal, Riverdale Country School
  • Tom Bennett, Director and founder researchED International
  • Daisy Christodoulou, Research Coordinator, ARK Schools
  • David Weston, Director of the Teacher Development Trust, UK
  • Dr John Mighton, JUMP Maths
  • Ann Mroz, Editor of the TES, UK and International editions
  • Dr Christina Hinton, Harvard University
  • Lucy Crehan, Teacher and Education Explorer
  • Glenn Whitman, Director, The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning
  • Helene O'Shea, co-founder, researchED
  • Steven Hodas, Education Entrepeneur
  • Anna Riggall, CfBT Education Trust
  • Mary Whitehouse, University of York
  • Carl Hendrick, research lead, Wellington College, UK
  • Dr Gary Jones, Education consultant and researcher

researchED conferences in the UK have sold out quickly as word spreads about what we do. We believe that teacher practitioners and academics should work together in the spirit of collaboration to promote well being in education. We aim to be cost-neutral, so we keep ticket prices low. All speakers give their time for free; we are a wiki-movement, a grass-roots project led by teachers and educators with the aim of raising research literacy in the entire profession. We also aim to make things easier, not harder, for educators.
I look forward to seeing you there.
Tom Bennett,
Classroom teacher and Director, researchED,
Nominee, Global Teacher Prize.
Dr David James,
Director of the Festival of Education, Wellington College,
Co-organiser researchED New York.

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