Friday, March 13, 2015

C.U.T.S. tribute to Michael Bolton March 13 8:00pm PST

Welcome to the world of Frank's Place - Known throughout Second Life for an elegant and premium experience like nothing else in SL. The Elite Jazz Club is an entire resort sim designed as an expansion to the Franks Jazz Club experience and provides a resort feel with the style and class you've come to expect from the owners and staff at Frank's Place. The first thing you will notice is all areas, except the welcome area, are restricted to group membership only. This is done for many reasons, the primary one being controlled access to those residents who truly wish to be here and enjoy the facility and amenities. Due to the size and complexity of the build, as well as the limitations of SL, placing some limitations on access will greatly improve sim performance and the the experience to be had by the guests who choose Frank's Elite Jazz as their preferred destination. The cost to join this group is a ONE TIME, small donation of L$500 and entitles you access to the entire Frank's Elite Jazz sim. Frank's Elite Jazz Club amenities include: Full Time Staff Elite Style Shopping Experience featuring top designers in SL Grand Ballroom (Formal) Piano Lounge Jazz Lounge Game Room (Greedy tables) Swimming Pool and Deck Regular Live Entertainment Full Wedding Services With lovely Gazebo, Wedding Chapel and Professional Photography Romantic Gondola Ride Balloon ride Elite Concerts Under The Stars CUTS featuring tribute concerts live of many many great artists . Thank you for joining Frank's Elite Jazz Club - Please enjoy your stay with us! Gymmy and Nanceee Sinatra The Franks Entertainment Group

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