Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Thankful Heart

Vicki Davis issued a challenge on her blog recently - she challenged us to thank others around us.  With that in mind, I reiterated her challenge on twitter, then thanked some people in my life and took screenshots. I challenge everyone to follow suit.

Tag your thanks with #ty4whatUdo and let's see if we can collate what occurs.

I thanked Dr. Cyndi Danner-Kuhns, a Technology Professor at Kansas State for being totally awesome. Dr. Danner-Kuhns has been a cheerleader in my life for many years. I recently found out she required students to read my blog, so now I try to at least post Diigo bookmarks weekly if nothing else.

I thanked Dr. Mark Weston, Associate Dean at Georgia Tech, for connecting with me often.  He often brings a smile to my face just when I need it most via Twitter notifications sent to my cell (the wanna be smart phone which isn't so smart)

I thanked Dr. Leigh Zeitz,  Associate Professor at the University of Northern Iowa, for connecting with me over the years and explaining to me the true definition of PhD.

And I thanked my good friends Dr. Frank Volke, Senior Scientist at Fraunhofer IBMT, Germany  and David Deeds, a technology teacher at an international school in Guatemala City

As I was gathering links for this post, I saw on Linkedin that Vicki has challenged us to thank secretaries, janitors, lunch workers....oi, I better get busy............

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