Friday, September 19, 2014

I don't know HOW you do it! (reblogged from a few years ago)

There are tools I use in order to get my jobs done. I wear several hats and drink plenty of Starbucks. But seriously, the tools I could not live without include:

  1. An RSS Reader
  2. Meebo/Skype
  3. Google Calendar/Toodledo
  4. Twitter
  5. Evernote
  6. Instapaper
  7. Diigo/Delicious
I'm sure there are more which I have not mentioned. These must be the main things since they sprang straight to mind. How any educator can get the job done without these tools is totally beyond me. I use them daily. Let me tell you how I use these tools (although I am sure there are more ways to use them.)
  1. An RSS Reader - I use Google Reader to read f0r professional development and to grade student work. For instance, I simply subscribe to student blogs, and their posts are delivered to my one page instead of me checking many pages.
  2. Meebo/Skype - I am accessible 24/7 to students via chat services like GoogleTalk, Messenger, Yahoo, AIM, & Skype chat. I get a lot of work done by conversing with other educators in group Skype chats & sometimes GoogleTalk.
  3. Google Calendar/Toodledo - I like to plan. Spontaneity drives me to the edge. With Google Calendar I can subscribe to other calendars like ETT, or The Fire Escape, Classroom2.0LIVE, & Worldbridges. I can choose to have my cell phone alert me 10 minutes before a scheduled event. With Toodledo, I can write down all those To-Do items that keep me awake at night and schedule them. I can add items from my browser too.
  4. Twitter - my Personal Learning Network lives on Twitter. Well, they really live all over the world in their homes, but they are on Twitter. If I need a quick reference or someone else needs a quick answer, Twitter is the place to be. When you are looking for project participants or announcing an event, Twitter is your source. The more people you follow, or follow you, the more effective this network becomes.
  5. Evernote - my quick bookmark. I have integrated Evernote with my browser. So when I find those merino wool socks I like I can note it with Evernote in my Shopping folder. Then when I have the inclination, I can find those socks and buy them easily. I use evernote for those bookmarks I don't want to share with everyone, like merino socks (which I love!).
  6. Instapaper - when I don't have time to read, listen, or watch something but I want to return to it without subscribing to the whole page content, I use Instapaper. This gives me a newspaper of my own making. I usually get to this on Sundays with my coffee ... reading the Sunday paper just like Dad .....
  7. Diigo/Delicious - I use these services to bookmark sources I don't mind sharing. I might bookmark things to use with 3rd grade podcasters, or 2nd grade scientists, or even someone else like EdTechWeekly. I have set up a Diigo for Study Skills for their biome projects, so I won't get the "We can't find any information on that biome". I welcome anyone to tag resources for the Study Skills biome project by tagging one resource to
So if you have a group, a website, or group events, make sure your webpages have an RSS feed, a Google Calendar for events, and a twitter account people can follow. This is effective public relations - let the tools do the work for you. [Note Daniel Rezac on Twitter says we won't need to worry about RSS feeds soon =>BRAVO! I was able to get this to work on FF on my 'puters but not on the IE used at school, so it doesn't help students yet.]

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Lorna Costantini said...

If good folks like you had not pointed me to all these excellent resources, I would never have learned how to keep track of myself let alone anyone else.