Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why bother with social networking?

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Clif Mims and yes the avatar he probably meant is made with an online avatar maker. I had all the K-12 learners do one instead of using real photos. My SL avatar is on the right.

During the interview, I spoke about the Frank's Entertainment Group. At Frank's Elite Jazz (just one of the jazz clubs) Ms. Lucky's bar stool has been tipped in silent tribute to this brave lady.

I also spoke about Relay for Life in Second Life ... this video by StingRay explains more

I recently attended a workshop on networking with LinkedIn . During the workshop a participant asked why would anyone want to connect with anyone they did not know.  I don't understand why we would want to only include people we know in our networks. Middle school students do this, and for them it is a good thing.  But I want to connect and learn from people I do not know. And I do connect through many digital platforms with many people around the world.

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