Thursday, May 17, 2012

What a way to start a day!

I started my day like I often do, brewing a cup of coffee and logging to read my reader....I got no further than my iGoogle page which has a reader gadget on it.  Coolcatteacher had posted this video.  You gotta watch this!

I shared this with colleagues everywhere and most notably with Sheri Williams in a Blackboard Collaborate room, where her students then conducted a student summit as the professional students they are.  Here are their slides from that summit:

These students participated in the Flat Classroom Project 12-1. The Flat Classroom Project is a global, collaborative project using Web 2.0 tools to foster connection, communication, collaboration and creation. It draws on the work of Thomas Friedman and 'The World is Flat'.  They all did a wonderful job this morning!!

What a way to start a day!

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