Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Economic Earning Power of your Education

"The best economic stimulus plan is a diploma" (Wise, B. 2012).
Improving the quality of education in the United States is a current concern among educators, business leaders, parents, and taxpayers.  Atkinson and Mayo (2010) noted, “innovation drives up to 90 percent of per-capita income growth” (2010, p.21) and that STEM education develops such innovation.  President Obama has initiated the Change the Equation program to increase proficiency in science, technology, education, and mathematics (STEM). STEM education, which is considered vital to the economic health of the United States.  Sabochik (2010) also noted that American students are not keeping up with global competitors in this area.  As Thomas Friedman (2005) argues, the world is shrinking, opportunities for individuals to compete on the global economic stage are increasing, and individuals in other countries are surpassing the USA in STEM related careers.  In a comparative study of students in Taiwan, China, and the USA, Chow (2011) found that students in 9th grade in China and Taiwan were more likely to pursue STEM related careers.

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