Monday, June 27, 2011

Who ARE we punishing? We are punishing ourselves and the culture we have worked so hard to create. Let me ask you, were the folks who hid Jews from the Nazis during WWII breaking the law? Would you so easily have pointed the finger at them and shouted it is not right? Oh, so killing people is okay because it is the law. And here in America, killing dreams is alright because it is the law? So this Dream Act is saying, if you are an illegal immigrant and you go to college or serve in our military, then you can apply for citizenship. What exactly is wrong here? Do American kids all go to college or serve in our military? We are basically saying, improve the educational level of the majority of citizens, or defend the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, and you too can be called a legal citizen. Wasn't this nation founded by immigrants who gathered here together to escape unjust laws / regimes? Are we going to be unjust as well? How dare we! Your clean comments are welcome:

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Ric Murry said...

Thanks for joining the fight to support the DREAM Act. This have passed in 2001, but because of 9/11 (and the aftermath of fearing anyone not "American") our politicians have created more problems.