Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Revisiting the Yellow Brick Road...

Where do you begin on your travels down the road of web2.0? For many of us this is a most overwhelming and puzzling question. Here are some pointers, although certainly not the definitive answers.

  • Set your Google preferences to strict filtering [click on preferences on the Google search page, scroll down to strict filtering, click the radio dial (round thing), click save]
  • Search Google for something of interest, perhaps global warming. Read a couple articles.
  • Visit a teacher site, perhaps the Learner.org Look for one lesson that you could use.
  • After you see the some of the possibilities, collect a few articles of interest using a reader. Here are Wes Fryer's instructions to get RSS, which is simply like subscribing to magazines.
  • After reading text for awhile, visit NPR and listen to a podcast of interest.
  • After text and audio, go to the next level, video. Visit TED Talks and watch a video.
  • Why is your orientation to the web important? Marc Prensky may explain it here
These are starting points for your journey. I have not included more confusing levels, master these first at your own speed. When you feel ready for more, join Classroom 2.0 This is a Ning community of many educators. Many are willing to guide, many are experimenting, many are brand new explorers.

Visit Classroom 2.0

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