Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Technologies EDUC8845 Module 5

I have recently been showing elementary teachers at my school how to use VoiceThread to engage learners in classroom content. The elementary principal wrote a contract with the county board of education to pay me for this work in classrooms (using Title funds).  Teachers have no choice, but must allow me to demonstrate lessons using the technology, attend instructional hour long workshops where I show them how to use the technology, and then observe them teaching their own lessons using this technology.
The resistance to all of this from teachers surprises even me. All the students have previously made VoiceThreads with me and all have weekly computer classes with me. I knew going in to this the kids would not be the hurdle. I did not expect the teachers to be so outspoken and to harbor such unconcealed resistance to something that will help them teach. Afterall, everyone of them is an active FaceBook user, why is this so different? I paid for an elementary VoiceThread, bought microphones, offered to hook everything up for them, and adjusted the workshop speed which I had planned from a conference presentation orientation (where the audience is more technologically literate).
Comparing what I am doing to Keller’s ARCS model, I attempt to grab attention when I demonstrate a lesson in the teacher’s classroom while relating technology use to classroom content. I attempt to build confidence during workshops by having teachers actually plan a lesson to use the technology while right there in the workshop (so they make their own take-aways), and try to produce satisfaction with the artifacts the classes made by advertising them to all teachers, administration, and parents on our school wiki.
Someone please tell me what am I missing?

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