Monday, November 29, 2010

How it ought to be............

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sounding Boards Sought!

Once again, it is time for the Sounding Board process for Vicki Davis's & Julie Lindsay’s latest Flat Classroom Project. This semester there are two concurrent Flat Classroom Projects so we need more Sounding Boards than ever! Here are your two options (feel free to participate in both, if you prefer):

Flat Classroom Project 3a Sounding Board

Flat Classroom Project 3b Sounding Board

The Sounding Board process is a very easy, fun and eye-opening way for younger students (upper elementary, middle, and lower high school) to participate in one of these amazing, global projects. Basically Sounding Boards act as peer reviewers for the students participating in the project. Small groups of students in the Sounding Board classrooms will review one Flat Classroom student group’s work and offer very simple peer feedback.

We are looking for as many classrooms as possible to join us in this quick and easy, but exciting project!

Usually the time commitment for teachers and students is about 2 – 4 hours depending on the age group you’re working with. For upper elementary groups, they usually spend closer to 4 hours, for middle school groups, they usually take just around 3 hours. Our aim is to make it as simple and easy to participate as possible!

We are looking for Sounding Board classrooms to participate in the review process during the last week of November 2010 and first week of December. Ideally there will be a teachers planning session in Elluminate as soon as we have enough classes signed up.

If you’re interested, please join the Flat Classroom wiki and add your name to the either of the Sounding Board pages (linked above)! Please feel free to send any questions to Kim Cofino or leave them here in the comments. Looking forward to working with another amazing group of teachers and students!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

k12online 2010 conference closing keynote

The closing live event of the K12Online 2010 Conference is November 10th at 7pmEST/11pm GMT. The session will be in Elluminate.
Full link: