Monday, March 15, 2010

Teaching and Learning Online

Teaching and Learning Online | $360.00
Tue: 03/16/2010
Instructor: Lisa Durff
Teaching and Learning Online | $360.00
Tue: 05/11/2010
Instructor: Lisa Durff
Teaching and Learning Online | $360.00
Tue: 07/13/2010
Instructor: Lisa Durff
Online courses, and the colleges, universities, and businesses that offer them, are continuing to rise steadily. This is due, in part, to the opportunity online education presents for global competition, an important topic in times of shrinking budgets. This can also be attributed to a new type of student and consumer who wants learning on his or her own time and schedule. Finally, this increase coincides with the growth of research supporting the notion that technology can help teachers teach and students learn.

Unfortunately, this increased interest in teaching and learning online does not necessarily mean teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to teach online. Many teachers have not taught online; most have never even taken a course online. Simply digitizing material does not work, as online education requires teachers to change from being content providers to content facilitators. For this to happen, teachers need scaffolding in creating, teaching and managing online courses.


In this course, teachers will have an opportunity to explore teaching online through learning online. There will be opportunities to collaborate with your peers; however, work can be completed within your own time schedule. The subject matter in this course is delivered through online video presentations, online readings and research, interaction & feedback with the instructor, and collaborative activities with classmates. This course takes approximately 30 hours of work.

Course Competencies

1. Become familiar with research in teaching and learning online
2. Learn constructivist perspectives on learning
3. Understand strategies for teaching online
4. Research topic related content available online
5. Learn ideas for incorporating interaction and motivation
6. Gain expertise in tools used in the current learning management system (LMS).
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