Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making Connections

We have spent some time in Study Skills looking at schema. The theory basically says that we all have a structure to our knowledge of the world. In order to gain new knowledge, we must connect it to existing schema in our brains somehow.

We have practiced doing this with the QAR strategy, with the BDA Strategy, and with mindmapping on
Research confirms that unless we "hang information" on something we already know, 98% of everything coming into our brains only spends a few moments in working memory and is then lost. Or as I am fond of saying, it goes in one ear, spins around with increasing momentum, and goes flying out the other ear faster than before it entered.
Twenty-first century skills are about infusing or integrating tech tools with learning. It is not about the technology in our classroom. It is about the learning. I will show learners how to do the technology, but find as the years go by, that I show less and use more. This is wonderful! Technology is everywhere, infused into every aspect of our lives. It is also easier to use and becoming easier. Pretty soon I won't be showing learners how to format a hyperlink in html because I won't have to do so. There will be icons everywhere for links and images.
One of the skills our learners need is the ability to collaborate. We are working on this fluency skill this Marking Period with our Studycasts and Biome Wikis. Note that all learners MUST work in a group on group goals, they may work from any internet connected computer, and resources to get them started are in the Diigo group.

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