Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Learn our lessons well...

This image was part of a VoiceThread sent to the 1st grade class by the 1st grade class at Shanghai American School. You can see both VoiceThreads here --> Clever Learners
I was reading an article that Bob Compton, author of Two Million Minutes, wrote during his recent visit to Korea. In this article, which you can read here --> Visit to Korea,
he says Korea has learned the lesson that when China takes away low-value work, it is best to let it go. It is best to shift education, research, and resources so that more value is added to the processes of design, innovation, invention and entrepreneurship. (Compton, 2009)
Are you getting this America? If someone else on the globe can do it cheaper, they will. So let it go. Shift the educational paradigm. Shift the business paradigm. Shift the research foci. Stop teaching what someone else can and will do cheaper, because they will get the work, not you. Start teaching creativity, innovation, critical thinking. Are you getting this US education? Honestly, the schools to which I have talked recently are getting it. They are not in the mainstream, they are private.
Are you getting this American teachers? Do you lecture and test rote learning? Have you checked RateMyTeachers ?
Are you using project learning? Are you using multi-media? Are you helping learners develop skills in design, invention, and entrepreneurship? Are you teaching to more than one intelligence?

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