Thursday, December 17, 2009

Global Championships of the Eracism Debates

I had the privilege today of being present while history was being made. The Final Debates of the Eracism project took place today. I was judging this Lincoln-Douglas style debate between two middle school teams.
What made this debate stand out was where it took place. We were in an auditorium with debate tables, judges' chairs, a podium, and cameras. But this auditorium was in a virtual world similar to Second Life.
This K12Online Conference 2009 presentation was filmed live inside a virtual world. Talk about trail blazing! I am in awe that there were not an enormous amount of technical glitches, but it went smoothly. The presentation, Inside the Global Collaborative Debate: Eracism will go live tomorrow morning at 7:00am in eastern USA. The link will be hot at --> Time Where You Are. The hot link will be found at the K12Online Conference 2009 Blog. Be sure to watch it and tell all your friends. I sadly, won't get to watch it until later tomorrow due to my teaching schedule. But all the K12Online Conference presentations are archived on the blog and can be viewed anytime at all! That is what is so wonderful about this asynchronous conference.
Congratulations to the winning team, you know who you are. The rest of you will have to watch to find out who won....

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