Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Educational Transformation

I work in a school that limits kids' access to digital tools. This school community is not ready to give up control to stakeholders. They do not recognise that the power has already been taken, the coup has happened, and the next generation is pretty much laughing.
In the next year, do I sense a major paradigm shift in educational policy? Sadly, no. But there will continue to be those of us who are disruptive to the educational status quo, who recognise that if we are not willing to lose our job, we're not going to be able to do our job, those who run so far ahead that we don't see anyone running with us.
One of two things could happen in our futures, maybe both. I don't think we will be the minority for very much longer. I think the USA educational system as we know it will collapse. The better we can educate today's k20 students using all tools at our disposal, the better. Ultimately, none of this is really about the tools, though they are nice. It is about the learning.
As I noted on Twitter earlier this afternoon, we as educators must seek to inspire a global mindset in the next generations. This means they must be able to communicate, connect & collaborate on global scale with other learners, not just chronological peers in the same room.

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