Friday, June 19, 2009

RL Relay For Life

In a few minutes, I will be leaving for The Relay For Life of Chambersburg Event at Scotland School for Veterans' Children.
Nine teams will camp out around the SSVC football field one more time. This school is still slated to close as of this writing. As this will be the last year, I have been roped into helping with the concession stand at the 24 hour event again. The stand is staffed by past SSVC employees, spouses, children, & friends.My consolation is that Starbucks will be there to serve free coffee.
While it is too late to buy luminaria for this event, which will be lit tonight, it is not too late to donate at ----> the ACS site <---by clicking.
I don't usually go around in the caregivers lap, as my mom has been gone a very long time. We tend to have a rush on food at that time at the concession stand by the noncaregivers.
It's not too late to donate to the Second Life Relay For Life. If anyone wants to donate go to
and click "Donate" or "Luminaria".
Thanks in advance for your donations!

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