Saturday, May 30, 2009

Will You Be Missed?

Seth Godin poses these questions in his TED Talk :

  1. Who are you upsetting?
  2. Who are you connecting?
  3. Who are you leading?

These are the very questions which we need to answer in order to change the status quo. Are we affecting the staunch educational bureaucracies in our locations?
I would have to answer yes to the first. I am 'disruptive' as one administrator put it. I pretty much upset everyone at my school, constantly questioning "the way we have always done it" boulders and offering more efficient technological solutions.
Unfortunately, I am not connecting nor leading anyone. In order to be led, one must want to be led. In order to lead, there must be someone to lead. I am 'out of step' with others in my physical location. I find myself very 'in step' with my connections online, however. Recently, I really enjoyed the 74 hour long WiAOC2009. Finding my computer incapable of recording (it's old), I had to limit myself to pinging announcements of events and attending events. I am thoroughly enjoying my participation in The Passionate Redheads Team of the Second Life Relay for Life! The Memorial Rockin' 24 for Relay raised L$500,000+ and The Passionate Redheads raised funds for two of those 26 hours.
How would you answer those three questions? Please tell us in a comment here or on your on blog. Let's generate some discussion.
BTW, I took a blogging holiday for a month. I think no one noticed...
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Louise Maine said...

I missed the fact you didn't blog but still see you everywhere. Would only be concerned if did not see you anywhere. I have not blogged either though I have 12 posts in stages of development.

Most of my school is ticked at me, have been told I am too innovative, and have few opportunities to lead here. No bother, there are opportunities elsewhere and people who listen. I have done this in every school so I must always be breaking from the status quo. Some of my school is catching on but in my shadow and not with me. They come and ask me questions sometimes but do not enter into conversations. My husband thinks they are just jealous. Looking to NECC to recharge and will last me until educon.

Mark Walker said...

Thanks for the TED link Seth was interesting to listen to and I think change is upsetting - its that place where you as an individual feel discomfort - and if you don't feel it your not changing. Having said that are we trying to upset people - I think not - it about challenging thinking and beliefs knowing that the challenges can be upsetting for a while as we process and reprocess stuff.
Someone recently said to me about working with the 5% of early adopters is easy and our task is about working with the next 15% of people who like the idea and who will ultimately attract other people to the idea or innovation [the next 30% on the change curve] for when that happens you have 50% in total now embedding the change in an organisation - it takes time and wounding but if you believe its important you do it. Thanks for the post - I'm inspired to write one on this topic myself [see you have started a movement].

Mark Walker