Sunday, May 31, 2009

Network Challenge

A couple days ago I challenged people on Twitter and here I repeat my challenge. In these last days before summer, I challenge you to produce an audio book w/ students! Then disseminate!!
There are numerous tutorials on how to do this and I won't repeat that here. Basically, all you need is something with which to record and students reading their original works. Why not have each student create a story? That project works in well with many content areas. Then have them read their story into the recording?
Tell the world about your audiobooks by posting comments here, on your blog, to Twitter, or Plurk. How creative can you be with this challenge?

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Moturoa said...

Our audiobook was pretty cool because I am friends with the author so fine with copyright to publish in another form.

River Bugs

It's on our podcast in iTunes as well.

Allanah K

Alexa Harrington said...

Technology and its endless possibilities are so fascinating! I can't imagine how much fun I would have had with a project like this when I was a high school student. This is such a cool idea.