Sunday, May 31, 2009

Network Challenge

A couple days ago I challenged people on Twitter and here I repeat my challenge. In these last days before summer, I challenge you to produce an audio book w/ students! Then disseminate!!
There are numerous tutorials on how to do this and I won't repeat that here. Basically, all you need is something with which to record and students reading their original works. Why not have each student create a story? That project works in well with many content areas. Then have them read their story into the recording?
Tell the world about your audiobooks by posting comments here, on your blog, to Twitter, or Plurk. How creative can you be with this challenge?

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Will You Be Missed?

Seth Godin poses these questions in his TED Talk :

  1. Who are you upsetting?
  2. Who are you connecting?
  3. Who are you leading?

These are the very questions which we need to answer in order to change the status quo. Are we affecting the staunch educational bureaucracies in our locations?
I would have to answer yes to the first. I am 'disruptive' as one administrator put it. I pretty much upset everyone at my school, constantly questioning "the way we have always done it" boulders and offering more efficient technological solutions.
Unfortunately, I am not connecting nor leading anyone. In order to be led, one must want to be led. In order to lead, there must be someone to lead. I am 'out of step' with others in my physical location. I find myself very 'in step' with my connections online, however. Recently, I really enjoyed the 74 hour long WiAOC2009. Finding my computer incapable of recording (it's old), I had to limit myself to pinging announcements of events and attending events. I am thoroughly enjoying my participation in The Passionate Redheads Team of the Second Life Relay for Life! The Memorial Rockin' 24 for Relay raised L$500,000+ and The Passionate Redheads raised funds for two of those 26 hours.
How would you answer those three questions? Please tell us in a comment here or on your on blog. Let's generate some discussion.
BTW, I took a blogging holiday for a month. I think no one noticed...
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