Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Paradigm is not neutral

It springs from one's philosophy. One believes the world is flat or round. That is one's worldview. Technology has the same distinction.
After reading George Siemen's post entitled," Technology as philosophy", including the comments, I responded thus:

@Brad,”…essence of Web 2.0 is by no means anything technological. And so schools that spend their time and energy fretting over what tools to use, instead of exploring how the technology might change the game, have already taken themselves out of the play” is the most thought provoking statement!
I would build on that to proclaim the the essence of Web 2.0 is one’s worldview, or philosophy. One uses technology according to one’s worldview in the field one finds oneself, whether that be business, marine biology, medicine, or education.

I am wondering what other people think of these ideas. Am I alone in my folly or do I share a common view?

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Mike Wagner said...

Very good point. Technology is a wonderful tool, but a terrible master.

Prior existing beliefs about students and learning inform what tools one might use to teach. And, what tools one might consider using in the future as technology makes them available.

You've got my mind racing with this post. Thanks!

Keep creating...a story worth repeating,

Maru said...

Hi Durff!

I changed the way I use technology to deliver content after a 4 weeks online course I created for teenagers.

I learned that if I want to deliver content I have to use the tools the students are using, even if they are not considered as "teaching tools". What I mean is that I decided to adapt my content to the tools that my targeted audience use.

It hasn't been easy, mainly because I don't use the tools that "my students" use. It has a wonderful pro though, now the kids are the teachers! I'm learning to use their favorite sites, they come around to read my conversation (content) and I get quite a few... "good to see that you're up to date now" :-)

Your post is food for thought!
See you around.