Thursday, March 5, 2009

Organisation 101 or 2.0 ?

What tools do you use to organise your ducks? I can list these tools that make my life more efficient:

  1. RSS (ReallySeriousStressrelief)
  2. Instapaper (make your own)
  3. Skype chats / IMs (leave me a message)
  4. Twitter (connect me)
  5. Online Calendar (Google / Airset)
  6. Offline Connections (Dail2Do / Jott)
  7. And the survey says....(surveymonkey / polldaddy)
  8. Get a life (Firefox Addons/extensions)
  9. Inbox Zero (handle it once)
These tools enable me to efficiently deal with life. As many of you are bored of hearing, I am disabled (though I don't think so). Without Web2.0 technology, I could never do what I do. What do I do? I am a lead learner who excels in following from behind, constantly pushing other learners, usually ages 3-18, ahead of me. When they actually begin to catch on that this lead learner does not want one right answer traditional knowledge spit back at her but demands thinking minds to delve deeply into subject matter, then they fly!
Which tools do you find most effective in your journey through this life?
Photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk available at covered under an Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons license.

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