Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let's Disrupt the Educational Status Quo!

"How do we move to a student centric system?" asked Michael Horn on January 14, 2009: What are your ideas?
Here's more along these lines :


montgorp said...


This changes the way I think about innovation. All my efforts are directed towards existing consumers.

The question I ask myself is... How could I sustain myself while offering online services to non-consumers?

How would I survive providing a service that non-one will (or can) pay for?

Mike said...

The conversation of using technology in the classroom has gone too far to ever go back. But the filter that still has yet to be applied is one that goes back to a Socratic tale. In the story, the God/King Thamus and the inventor Theuth meet as Theuth wants to tell of his greatest invention,"WRITING," which he is sure will bring greater strength to memory and wisdom. Thamus disagrees...but instead feels it will reduce the need to remember as it will reduce the practice it takes to have clear recall, and with regard to wisdom, will have the shell of knowledge without the wisdom to know how to use it. His final statement is all telling. "And because they are filled with the conceit of wisdom instead of real wisdom they will be a burden to society."

Marshal McLuan, Understanding Media: The extensions of man. (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1994)

If we only concern ourselves with the benefits we gain and never consider the cost of such gain, we may end up short-changing ourselves and end up losing what we hoped to gain.

What do we lose when we use computers to bridge the gap? Our teacher has no soul, and will never be damned as we might be. Morality lays on the scale, and humanity weighs in the balance.