Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Following the herd ?

I'm rereading Tribes by Seth Godin. On page 96 he talks about sheepwalking. I am definitely not a sheepwalker. I am so much not so that...
Mr. Principal-who-hired-me, I hereby formally apologize. I was probably hired under false pretenses and for that I am sorry. You probably thought you were getting a status quo defender, a quiet, docile, nonwavemaker kinda elementary teacher.
What you got stuck with was a disruptive, connected, opinionated, loud, wavemaker educator.
Seth Godin says sheepwalking is "hiring people who have been raised to be obedient and giving them brain-dead jobs and enough fear to keep them in line." I am not blindly obediant, my brain and mouth question everything and I fear nothing on this earth. I'm sorry if you thought you were hiring a docile sheepwalker.
I don't take the road more travelled and I am not training sheep. I do model and expect colearners to question - especially to question me!
As Seth Godin says on p.99, I guide colearners into embracing "nonsheep behavior", even downright bellicose and indignant behavior. I want colearners to analyse, to critique, and to really think about their world. It is their world after all, and educator's charge is to prepare these learners to inhabit it. Are we doing this or are we training sheep?
As Godin says on p.101, "...think for a second about the people you know who are engaged, satisfied, eager to get to work." Those are not the sheepwalkers. Those are the heretics like me. Yes Mr. Principal, I'm sorry, you probably thought you hired a teacher. What you got was a heretic. All I need now is a hammer, a church door, and.....

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