Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dancing in SL

I attended a talk by Kevin Honeycutt, Kansas, this evening. I live on the East Coast and I don't own my own jet. How did I hear his presentation,"Leaving Intentional Footprints for Today and Tomorrow"? A very thorough post about this appears at Riptide's Blog.
The virtual world of Second Life makes it possible for people from around the globe to gather in one place. People I noticed present at this particular talk live in Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., New York, & Illinois. That is only a few. Kevin gave a wonderful talk that had us all thinking about ways to emphasize with kids that what one puts online stays online. One really good question he asks kids is whether their mother would be happy with what they have posted online.
This is a topic we really need to be covering in online safety units with all k12 learners and their parents. The web is full of wonderful technology, like the technology that allowed all of us to gather to hear Kevin despite our disparate locations.
Just like one follows certain safety rules when crossing the street there are center safety rules to be followed online.
The title of this is Dancing in SL. Why? Kevin played several tunes for us after his talk and many of us started dancing. Now anyone who knows me knows I walk with a cane. There is no way I could dance in real life. But in Second Life, I only had to wear a dancing bracelet and off I went!
I wonder what wonderful surprises the DEN in SL series holds for us next!

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Mrs.A said...

So glad you have been joining the DEN in SL events. We are always looking for presenters to share best practices!