Friday, February 6, 2009

Am I Missing Something?

Reading Jeff Utecht's post about 2009 trends, I wonder if I have missed something crucial. He talks about wanting to present a 6 hour workshop on using wikis in education. Now I have been using wikis in my classes as well as blogs, videos, podcasts, nings, but I have never had 6 hours of training. I just started, jumpinging in with two feet.
I wonder what information I am missing here. Did I do it wrong? Is there some method which I should be using and am not? And more importantly why does everyone else not use technology in education too? Why would anyone feel the need to take a 6 hour workshop first? I am not dissing Jeff at all. He does wonderfully creative work. I guess I am just frustrated that not every educator is integrating.
He refers to how overwhelmed students say they feel in his grad course. They have to learn to use the technology themselves. But that is exactly how I learned, and am still learning. Why isn't it an expectation that learners learn on their own? Who is in charge of each human's learning? The high school learners in this room now insist they are in charge of their learning. I agree. I am only a poor excuse for a tally keeper.
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Coach Burk said...

You are correct that it is up to each teacher to learn how to best implement these tactics. We as somewhat master of the way can help show the not-understanding/caring teachers how to use the tools, but it is up to them to want to use the tools. I am fighting this in my school right now. Getting teachers to see the importance to shift!