Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heretical Party ?

In Tribes, Seth Godin says, "Heretics are engaged, passionate, and more powerful and happier than everyone else. And they have a tribe that they support (and that supports them in turn)." (Godin, p. 49)
Assuming (which I do) that many people at Educon (including me) could be described as heretics who challenge the educational status quo, I wonder are those very people engaged, passionate, and happier. I know I am. Do we consider ourselves powerful. I don't. Do I belong to a tribe? Yes, the tribe has gathered in Philly and I am among them. We support each other. Without this support from this tribe, I would be stark, raving mad.
We mostly agree we are bucking the system, that the system is not getting the job done for preparing kids for their future. Great. But where do we go next?
No one yet has been able to delineate an action plan to me. Why are we gathered here to say to each other what we said last year. Now don't get me wrong, I simply love seeing you all, and I would not have willingly gone through my Friday to get here if I didn't think it was crucial. But I am dissatisfied. Have we moved forward?
I asked Jeff Han yesterday why he was here. I didn't think he would return much less stay all Saturday. He spoke of something we were saying resonating with him and clearing his schedule to be here. We are reaching the uninitiated.
But have we as a tribe moved forward? I think the answer is no. We are engaged. We are passionate. We are heretical. But have we effected change where we work? And how do we do that en masse?

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Reference: Godin, S (2008). Tribes. New York, NY: Penguin Group.
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