Thursday, January 22, 2009

Educon 2.1

Tomorrow so many of us descend upon Philadelphia to meet f2f for Educon2.1
This fantastic conference evidently started as a joke, and yes the joke involved ijohn (who else?).
But what happens at Educon is far from a joke. Last year, so many of us saw our network come alive as we met person after person from our online communities. It was surreal that many people we recognised immediately although we had never met. I remember meeting Kidd last year and recognising him immediately. I had a great deal of fun as I realised he did not know me. I also recognising Jen Wagner, saying hello, and having her walk right past me. These things make life so enjoyable!
The Friday night panel includes Jeff Han, of whom you might have heard. There are so many great names in the conference Saturday and Sunday!
If you can't make it to the city of Brotherly Love, tune into the Mogulus channels, run in each session by SLA students. Check the wiki out or ask on twitter for the channel sites.

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Anonymous said...

Smiles and need to let that go.

I need to buy you a coffee and perhaps share a cab ride.......then will you forgive me?

Have a grand time.

mrsdurff said...

but it's SOOO funny! smiles and hugs back - gonna miss you!!