Saturday, December 20, 2008

Edublogger Awards 2008

This evening I'm going to miss all the fun! I have already RSVP'd to a Christmas party in RL. An excellent post about the festivities tonight appears at SocialTech , so I only give a cursory post here. Basically, vote for posts up until the ceremony begins at The 2008 Edublog Awards . Then join the ceremony either in Second Life or at Edtechtalk on the web. Please note this picture to your right is taken directly from Josie Frasier's blog post and she gets all the credit!
Put the Edublog Awards Ceremony on your list of places to be this evening and hear Dave Cormier, Jeff Lebow, James Farmer, & Jo Kay, present the 2008 winners. Both Dave and Jeff are part of the Worldbridges community, which I have the honor of annoying as much as possible.


Matthew K. Tabor said...

I missed the awards this year - storms interfere even with virtual events, I suppose.

Congratulations to the winners. For all the criticism these awards receive, I find value in discovering new sites - and also rediscovering older ones. I don't sincerely believe that any education blogger writes to get recognized by small awards, and they surely don't do it for the money.

Are the nomination and voting processes perfect? No, I don't think so, but we reflect and tweak for the next year.

I look forward to going through the winner/nominee lists and adding a few new sites.

Beth Holmes said...

Lisa! I am so glad I read your blog on Saturday! Thanks to you, I DID know about and schedule the time to go to the Awards ceremony in Second Life. What an experience! It was quite a "trip" for me as I am still a relative stranger in Second Life. Even so, I was able to get to the ceremony, take a seat(thanks to you!), and enjoy the uniqueness of this moment.

I always look to your blog for "next steps." I am never disappointed. Thanks for all, Lisa. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas season!