Monday, November 3, 2008

Be the Change-Disrupt Class!

What better way to disrupt your classroom and put learning into high gear? Join the Sounding Boards for the Flat Classroom Project - just read this post by Kim Cofino, a well-known educator in Bangkok, Thailand.
In short, the Flat Classroom Project is a cutting edge high school project that involves 11 international teams and so many schools I can not keep track of them. The work these teens produce is astounding! Along the way, there is an opportunity for other classrooms to peer review their work - called Sounding Boards.
I currently work with middle schoolers and we do the Sounding Boards each year for either the Flat Classroom Project or Horizon Project or both. We follow a lesson plan (there are several examples on the wiki, including our past lesson plans) and have a rubric for our grade. Teaching middle schoolers to make more than cursory comments is challenging. I'm not always successful, especially in the first semester, but these learners often surprise me too. So are you ready to kick it up a notch and join a global collaborative project? Read more about this great opportunity at the project wiki.

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Kim Cofino said...

Thanks for working the publicity Lisa! So glad to have you on board again this year!