Saturday, November 1, 2008


I attended a bit of "When Night Falls". One highly capable young man had us type the places where we stay connected and he collated them into the Wordle picture you see here. The conversation was often about favorite presentations and learnings. We heard from many new people too, proving again that k12online is just in time learning for many people new to the blogosphere.
Have you seen all the great content at k12Online2008? Comment here what you learned.


Mathew said...

Too much to put in one comment. I wrote a review of Week One of the conference here:

Beth Holmes said...

Hi, Lisa,

K-12 online is reshaping the professional development horizon. It taps a key element of true learning that is often overlooked in most "online PD programs - the opportunity to self-direct and shape one's own learning path.
I am still wandering through the K-12 presentations. Still learning as I select those that most appeal to my current professional development needs.

I'm very grateful to all of those who made this "ultimate PD experience" possible. Each effort is obviously a work of "passion." Perhaps that is what makes K-12 Online so uniquely different.