Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who you gonna call?

On Saturday, October 18, 2008 at 2:15pmSLT Salty Saenz will be presenting to the TESOL International Conference in Mexico. He will be using Second Life to demonstrate how this virtual world connects people across time and space.
He has asked a focus question that involves all of you, my network. Therefore I find it appropriate to ask the network to share in the answer. Please leave your opinion in a comment. If you have an SL avatar consider leaving your avatar name in your comment and showing up for this 15 minute event at the META Training Facility on Virtlatlantis Island.

Focus : What my PLN means to me, how SL helps develop it, helps me to be a 21 century teacher?

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Beth Holmes said...

Good Morning, Lisa,
My PLN is surely an answer to prayer!I had begun to wonder if I was solo in my eagerness to advance schools for the 21st Century. I'd grown weary in my advocacy for technology in schools, training for teachers, and equity for students. Frankly, I'd begun to wonder if a difference could be made! I keenly recognized my limited personal ability to effect the tide of change! Then, I met Vicki Davis, who shared news of an online community that was making a difference. I was intrigued. I jumped in and was welcomed! Now my PLN is like a professional lifeline. It is comforting, mind-expanding and stimulating to engage with amazing thinkers, doers and learners! I have never learned so much in so little time. I have learned how to learn through my PLN connections. My PLN? They are my colleagues in "learning how to learn" in the 21st Century!

Mr. Rezac said...

When I went to the conference today, Wes Fryer had just put the links up on his images. I see you put the name, the link, the license. I think that's a lot of information. Nice to be thorough, but doesn't the link take you to the license and the name of the person anyway?