Friday, October 31, 2008

People to Watch!

Keep your eye on Kerrie Gustin and her blog,
Common Sense Classroom. This blogger began her blog during the Open PD with Darren Draper , Robin Ellis, and Kelly Dumont. She posts about her conversations at NECC2008, her thoughts about Twitter, and her kids. She is definitely a person to read.
Penny Ryder joins the conversation not as a consumer only but as a contributor at Teaching Challenges . Her posts involve her Australian Year 1 classroom and her search to be the best teacher she can be. My big question is, why do the children wear those yellow hats (I'm known for inane questions like this)?
The ICT & Teaching Blog by Shaun Wood are reflections of a primary teacher earning his degree. Shaun writes from a New Zealand point of view about his learnings and his primary class.
Take some time to visit these bloggers and leave them comments on their blogs!


Moturoa said...

We have to wear wide brimmed hats over summer down under as there is a hole in the ozone over the Antarctic that spreads north in the summer months and makes the risk higher of burn and skin cancer in later years.

For the summer terms we have a 'No hat play in the shade' rule- for teachers as well as kids. Every afternoon I go home with 'hat hair' not a good look.


Penny Ryder said...

Hi there,
Thanks for mentioning my blog.
Unfortunately Australia is under the hole in the ozone layer (apparently). It's school policy in Australia for children to wear hats whenever outside. They cannot be caps, but must be broad brimmed or legionnaires style. This is some crazy attempt to avoid liability for skin cancer in old age. What studies are finding now is that our kids don't get enough vitamin D from sunlight! So maybe one day the "Sun Smart Policy" will be revoked.
Much of our playground duty consists of reminding students to wear their hats or sit in the allocated shaded area if without a hat. So, there's the big secret to the yellow hats :)

mrsdurff said...

So maybe all children globally should wear sunhats? Thanks for telling me!

Kerrie Gustin said...

Wow! Thanks for the mention, and the kind words Mrs. Durff.

I've enjoyed your blog for quite some time, but I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I somehow missed this post and your link to my blog for all these many months. Of course, I have the unfortunate habit of getting distracted and arriving late to the conversation;-)

I hope that you will find time to visit my Common Sense Classroom again soon, as I have begun to post more regularly (following a particularly high maintenance year in my RL classroom). I always look forward to reading your thoughts. Take care!