Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Becoming a writer

Middle School learners learners thought more about writing online today as we learned and practiced hyperlinking - the good old fashioned way. We wrote links to go with our post about ourselves.
I am always surprised and impressed by these middle school learners. Today was no exception. The most offtask people were totally immersed in the task of writing the html code for hyperlinks correctly. Little wonder I had no time for pictures, as I raced between computers.
I didn't capture our immersion into writing today, but I did capture our relaxation with virtual worlds afterwords. Every Tuesday and Thursday we spend the last ten minutes in Woogi World or Club Penguin. One or two of us prefer to work on blogs or projects instead.
It takes a while to get middle school writers up to snuff, but watch out world, they will be surfing those streams of learning sooner than any of us expect - and with amazing skills at grabbing urls, switching tabs, hyperlinking, and tagging. Onto QARs next week.....

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