Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lurking the web2.0 way

Some people in the ustreams flowing out of the f2f conferences this week have asked how do I find these streams. Really it is no great secret. I just ask, rather insistently and loudly. I am using Summize,, twitscoop, and twhirl. Anyone can use these tools to find live streams. This week there have been too many conferences and all streaming. I am not getting any work done.

But think I'm a lurker? You need to hang around justinreeve a bit. He is literally everywhere at once-enough to make me dizzy. I'm gonna need a vacation from this vacation!

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Justin K. Reeve said...

For the record, you beat me to most of these live streams. I think I, too, am getting a little dizzy from all the conferences. My favorites are really the unofficial study sessions. That's where the free flow of ideas occurs, and where everybody has a voice. We need to encourage more of these.