Monday, July 14, 2008

Heading towards Pedagogy

Today I had the pleasure of learning with my online network in several streams - Laptop Institute, Dave Cormier's class of adult learners in Canada, and EduBloggerCon East. One participant in the chatroom at EBC East said, "I'm glad to see more of these conversations about connections between the tools/strategies and pedagogy -- definitely the direction we need to be heading with our conversations..." (SSandifer, 2008) The morning presentation to which we were listening was by Richard Kassissieh and after lunch we heard about ways to disseminate tools through Professional Development.
It is so important that we spread the message of how collaborations can more easily occur through the connections formed via these online tools. We must disseminate the message beyond the echo chamber.
To whom will you reach out today?

Photo is from the ustream entitled edubloggercon unconference at
July 14, 2008

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