Friday, June 6, 2008

Talents of intermediates!

Coolcatteacher pointed me to ps233techteacher. Great work about Harriet Tubman!! I also found this one entitled Turtlelicious by Nia and Kara:
These two girls demonstrate learning in this short Voicethread! Listen to them demonstrate their learning by explaining how turtle eggs hatch. I bet they won't forget this information tomorrow!
This is exactly why integrating technology is vital to good teaching-it is about what we are conversing! Join the conversation - give your 2¢ here!

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LifeLongLearner said...

I agree that our elementary students need a platform for sharing their real learning. This turtle example is what that goal is all about. I hope to use Voicethread projects in our new library this fall.

People in my school district are cautioning me with a warning voice that my goals and vision are too lofty. I pray that I can hold on to the passion to make learning real for my 488 PreK-5 students.