Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Raise your own bar

I only meant to read the first chapter last night before retiring. I'm at the beginning of chapter four. This book is compelling, something to recommend to middle school and high school parents. Something to quote from to learners I guide.

    The problem we have is with the modern understanding of adolescence that allows, encourages, and even trains young people to remain childish for much longer than necessary. It holds us back from what we could do...(Harris, 2008, p.33)

The premise of the book is that our North American culture has only recently, since the 1900s or so, defined a 'teen'. The societal expectations for teens is way too low and teens rise to the occasion. If the bar is set high then teens will rise to that occasion.
Like I said, I am only in Chapter 4. But so far, this book is great! I will freely quote from it this fall in Study Skills, a course built around the idea that learners can succeed in their courses.

Reference: Harris, A. & B. (2008). Do Hard Things. Colorado Springs, CO: Multnomah Books.

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