Thursday, June 19, 2008

ISTE Tear Down These Walls!

Today I read Wes Fryer's post and the Miguel Guhlin's post about the ISTE censorship. I was planning on attending NECC 2008 virtually. I was planning on attending NECC 2009 physically. That's off. I see no reason to give my money to an organisation that takes a flying leap backwards into the dark ages.

It has been pointed out and I emphasise that ISTE stands for International Society for Technology in Education. Without allowing video/audio recordings, ISTE is excluding anyone in a country outside of the USA from virtually attending. Doesn't matter that any such person may not have the money to fly over here for an "international" conference (that is never held, to my knowledge, outside the usa).

The ISTE website says,

    ISTE is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the use of information technology to aid in learning, teaching of K-12 students and teachers.
I do not find this censorship policy to be in keeping the above statement. It is also interesting that any contact with the NECC 2008 conference Ning is offline right now. Interesting coincidence. As soon as I am able to access it, I plan to leave the NECC ning.

It's Elementary is planning a live show during NECC. I think our plans may be up in the air on that one. ISTE - Tear Down These Walls!
[I will be offline most of Fri & Sat so I may miss developments in this story. I would like nothing better than to be proven wrong. I would like my friends predictions (that ISTE will retract and make it all better) to be totally accurate. I am offline to work the concession stand at Relay for Life and will likely not return till Sunday. Please prove me wrong ISTE!]

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Ric Murry said...

Nicely stated Durff. I too was planning on a couple of virtual sessions, since I will be at niece's wedding.

Was looking forward to D.C. next year, but not sure I want them to have my money. Dropped ISTE membership several years ago because I didn't experience and value added service.

I will miss meeting some people I would like to meet in person though.

Take care.

Kim Caise said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your post about ISTE's new media coverage policy. I have to think that the timeliness of the new policy, leaving only a little over a week to contact the various presenters and ISTE for permission to share a session, was deliberate. This move definitely negates any efforts at being a progressive, innovative company leading with way with educational technology.

Lee said...

I'm sorry for people in your position who were looking forward to live-streaming as their single means of participating this year. Shame on ISTE for announcing this so late in the game!

Adrienne said...

Well-said! I too am disappointed by this, seeing as I will be unable to attend. But I have always wondered about the NECC, because it seems so North American focused. I tweeted about this a while back (maybe a month ago?) asking if there exists an INTERNATIONAL version of the NECC, particularly for those of us who work in international education. No one tweeted any replies. I know the I in ISTE is meant to stand for "international" but I don't see much of an international face in the NECC offerings...