Tuesday, June 3, 2008

About those rhizomes...

I wrote this in response to Dave's blog post this morning, all before the prerequisite number of coffees.

Is it true that the number of years in academia directly impacts the number of words in any sentence? In that case, you are either are very entrenched academician or good jester.

Knowledge is collective, forming connections with past prior learnings and with future intuitions. The past, present, and future all coincide to make up what you term fluid knowledge. Fluid implies to me something not easily grasped.

Joining the rhizomatic collective (sounds like Star Trek)increases not only personal ways of knowing but the knowledge of the collective. Until we have all the stakeholders of any culture connecting, how can we claim to glimpse that collective knowledge?

Our challenge now is to get parents, and hence taxpayers, to buy into a system that values ephemeral knowledge over granite canon. It is imperative that learners become adept at communicating, connecting, & collaborating in order for our nation to continue to be economically viable.

Learners who can communicate, connect, & collaborate are able to think. This is the currency needed to participate. The old vanguard of canonical works = knowledge is both ridiculous and overruled.

I better stop wagging at the mouth and go have some coffee!

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