Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Watch the sun rise!

If you would like to experience the future, attend a
Horizon Project Student Summit! I attended two yesterday given by the students at Westwood Schools and was very impressed. These high school students have researched, gathered and report upon trends from the Horizon Report 2008.

They presented in Elluminate with Vicki Davis at the helm. Their presentations, and those of high schoolers around the globe, are well worth attending. One can hear, speak, backchannel and talk in Elluminate. Their backchanneling skills were awesome! Well worth missing my school's own awards ceremony!

So watch the coolcatteacher's blog and twitters for the next exciting Horizon Project Student Summit. It will be like looking at the future or in Vicki's words - keep your eyes on the horizon (i'm sorry if i butchered your words Vicki)...

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Brett Moller said...

Hi there forgot to get back to you about the mentoring idea with my year 12 students. Sorry about that.... Check out our site and each groups site. Feel free to comment the kids love it....