Sunday, May 18, 2008


I asked the Twitterverse :What if we let kids choose courses?

Bassman_Sean Bassman_Sean @durff the world would descend in to complete chaos... just kidding! I think it would allow students to centre their learning around...
Bassman_Sean Bassman_Sean @durff whatever path they hope to take in life, but still allows those who don't know what they want to do take a varied education
Doug Symington dougsymington @Durff believe that not only should kids should be allowed to choose courses, but also subsequently be challenged to help develop curriculum
dmcordell dmcordell Icon_red_lock @Durff Our HS kids choose electives. Do you mean the entire curriculum? What about elementary students?
susan tsairi susant @durff I think it's a great idea
David Truss datruss @Durff What age? Is a course like Math or English necessary? Choice comes with responsibility. Different Q:What if we let kids choose marks?
Bassman_Sean Bassman_Sean @durff actually yeah, I should have probably asked the same thing as @dmcordell
lorisheldon lorisheldon @Durff interesting, if done with some guidelines, can you imagine... would be much more motivated to learn!
susan tsairi susant @durff link to post with an idea I had in that direction
dmcordell dmcordell Icon_red_lock @Durff Wld there be any core components: you want to be an environmentalist so you must have...?
David Truss datruss @Durff So you mean, they request an indivisualized course? That would be very cool! Find topic, demonstrate learning, get credit- I like it!
dmcordell dmcordell Icon_red_lock @Durff There might be student shock too,if after 4 yrs of studying phys ed they try to get job or go to college!Parents wld be a hard sell.

I'm still chuckling about the world descending into total chaos! BTW, Sean is a stakeholder in the U.K., so his contributions to the conversation are particularly pertinent.

So what if we let students choose at least some courses? What is your opinion?

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IMC Guy said...

I think it's a great idea, but there would have to be some guidelines that have to be followed.

I don't think the biggest obstacle would be teachers/administrators, it would be the Board of Education.