Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nearly now

In Learning to Change, a recent video by Pearson's for CoSN which appears on YouTube, Stephen Heppell refers to a space in which learners txt, twitter & facebook. He says it is an interesting space which allows for thoughtful communication without pressure.
This 'nearly now' is not quite synchronous and not quite asynchronous. Professor Heppell says it is a space for learning. But is it? Are we guiding learners into reflecting upon what they say?
In order for learners to exploit this new dimension to the fullest, we lead learners need to guide them into thoughtful communications. Children seem to forget that behind every electronic communication is a real person with real feelings. Our communications should all be full of empathy, netiquette, & a healthy concern for safety.
I hope someone continues this thread of conversation. The nearly now spaces are so fascinating.
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